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Coming Soon to a Zip Code for you, the Dragonize Syndicate Magazine.  Winnerpics.com is part of the Dragonize Syndicate, and every month the magazine will feature photo contest winners within the magazine, and occasionally the cover of the magazine. Enter your photo into a Winnerpics.com photo contest and be a part of the magazine as well. 

If your neighborhood is not receiving the Dragonize Syndicate to your mailbox, then you have an opportunity to start a Franchise and start making money in writing articles, promoting your neighborhood and friends, and make a great monthly income. Please go to www.Dragonize.Org to get all the information you need to start making money.

The lowest entry Franchise system you can find; especially if you already own a computer, have the internet, a cell phone, and a lot of ambition to work the hours that work best for you. Start-up costs are well under $2,000 if you have none of the tools listed above. As part of the Goal Process, yes, we train you and Mentor you along as both you and the Dragonize Syndicate progress to success.