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Show us what amazing scenes are in your Zip Code! We want to see our America Dragonized here at Winnerpics.com> Please post the City, State, and Zip Code for your submission. 

Meme Quote:

  • Real Living Is Living For Others.” Master Bruce Lee

Make a meme using the above quote and any picture which you have taken, or created, which could fit this Meme Quote. Make sure to share your entry to your friends and Social Media Family to vote for your entry. 

November 2017

real living is living for others_7e2abb399c4bb43d548f45da9c891146.png
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These are who I live for. :)

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Pictures are pre-approved prior to being displayed in the contest. 
Zero tolerance of nudity or adult related content.
Do not include personal names of people in pictures for their own security.
Pictures must be one you have personally taken or created, no plagiarism.

Promote your submission to your friends to gain all the votes you can. 
You may place a vote for every picture once.